Shop & Give

Since 1992, our SHOP & GIVE program has donated over $917,844 back to the Mill Valley Community. We are no longer involved with eScrip and here's why: we found that about 36¢ out of every donated dollar went to eScrip fees. That's more than 1/3rd of the total donation that could be put to better use. Mill Valley Market's SHOP & GIVE program will not result in any hidden fees or deductions. The full amount of our donations will go directly to the non-profit organization of your choice. That's 100%!

How Does It Work?

At the checkstand, select your favorite non-profit from the registered list and tell the checker before your transaction is complete. We'll donate 2% of your TOTAL RECEIPT. That's all there is to it! As an individual, you don't need to sign up, carry a card or sign anything, and it costs you nothing. The best part is that 100% of our donation will go to the recipient. No third-party administrative fees. Your favorite charity gets the whole pie, not just a portion.

No Exemptions

Some stores say they will donate 4 or 5%, but that is on qualified items only. They exclude certain items like liquor, wine, beer, milk, tobacco, and CRV from their totals before figuring their donation amounts. Which means less money goes to the charity. With SHOP & GIVE, we calculate our donation as 2% of your TOTAL RECEIPT WITH NO DEDUCTIONS OR EXEMPT ITEMS. Which results in MORE money for each charity.

How to Register Your Organization

It's easy, that's why we have over 80 organizations participating. Just tell store management the name of your favorite non-profit organization and we'll add them to our list. As long as the aggregate total in sales at Mill Valley Market equals $1000+ per quarter for each charity, they will receive 2% of ALL sales on their behalf. One shopper can spend $1000 or ten shoppers can spend $100 each.

Participating Non-Profits

Listed below are the participating non-profits and Shop & Give group #: