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Are you one of the many Mill Valley Market patrons eager to sample the latest additions to our selection of local and global beers? Are you among the many who know that the world of beer is every bit as wide-ranging in flavor and complexity as the world of wine, if not more so? That the Golden Age of Beer is in full effect, here and now? Well then, you might be interested in joining our new exciting venture: THE MILL VALLEY MARKET BEER CLUB.

Mill Valley Market Beer Club

  • Imagine a parcel of world class craft brews delivered to your doorstep, or picked up at our store—refreshing pilsners, deep pale ales, hoppified IPA's, burnt chocolate porters and cigar pairing stouts.
  • Once every other month our beer guys here at the Market will choose several bottles from our ever expanding collection - at present over 400 beers, many of which are near impossible to find. The best of the classics, the edgiest of the extreme- from Lagunitas' latest limited release, to Dogfish Head's most recent challenge to your idea of what a beer should be. Be the first on your block to taste the wonderfully rich Aphrodite, a French Canadian stout brewed with cocoa and vanilla beans. Or a rare import such as Chiostro - a delicious Italian ale brewed with the psychedelic herb wormwood (think absinthe). Yeah we got beer. And we got two beer clubs.

The Beer Clubs:


  • No delivery charges with in-store pick up
  • Local Delivery: $2.05 for delivery to a Mill Valley address; $2.35 for delivery to a Strawberry, Tiburon or Belvedere address
  • UPS rates apply for delivery outside of Mill Valley, Strawberry, Belvedere and Tiburon.
  • Exisiting wine club members will not be charged extra for Beer Club deliveries.

How to Order

  • Contact our Beer Guys at 415-388-3222, stop by the market to sign up or to order online click here.
  • Note: Your cost will reflect a 10% discount from our regular retails (many of which are already best-in-town priced). And, as a member of either MVM beer club (some of you may choose to be in both), you will be able to purchase any of the beer club beers by the case with the 10% discount during the months they are featured.
Wine Wine Club


Join our Beer Club — and give something new a try.