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There have never been more great beers and ales available from all over America and the rest of the world than there are now. We at the Mill Valley Market take pride in offering our customers a generous and knowledgeable selection of the best. At present we have over 400 beers—and still counting!

In addition to standard American beers, we stock a wide selection of craft artisan brews from all over the US. Our selection of California beers, for example, includes:





Craft Breweries: Specialty Beers:








Mill Valley Market stays well-stocked with imported standbys as well (Beck's, Stella Artois, Pilsner Urquell, Guinness, etc.). Our many unique imports include Red Rice Ale (Japan), Weihenstephaner ales (Germany) the worlds oldest brewery, Old Suffolk English Ale (England) aged in oak vats and the fabulous Nora (Italy). And check out our bevy of Belgium brews—46 at last count, including many Trappist ales.

Mill Valley Market Beer Club

Mill Valley Market is now offering a Beer Club. Have hand selected beers delivered directly to your door. Click here for more information.

Customer requests? Bring them on--you make us better!

And don't forget: Mill Valley Market is well-known as a great place to pick up beers on sale. We offer specials bi-weekly, weekly, and sometimes daily, so be sure to check them out on a frequent basis.

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Over 400 beers from
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