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Special Sandwiches: $7.99

Dipsea Mt. Tam Hoo Koo E Koo Old Mill
Tenderfoot None    

Special Sandwiches are made as described below without substitutions.

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Sliced Meats: Choose One

Turkey ($6.99)

Tuna Salad ($6.99)

BBQ Chicken ($6.99)

EverRoast Chicken ($6.99)

Corned Beef ($6.99)

Salami ($6.99)

Honey Turkey ($6.99) Bacon ($7.49)

Smoked Turkey ($6.99)

Cajun Turkey ($6.99)
None French Ham ($6.99)

If you would like something not listed above please call to place your order. 415-388-3222



Dijon Mustard

Chipotle Mayo

Sage Horseradish

Garlic Mayo

Yellow Mustard

Mendocino Mustard

Lettuce Tomato

Onion Pickle

Sprouts Salt

Pepper Spring Mix


Cheese: $1.00

Dill Harvarti

Pepper Jack

Smoked Gruyere



Smoked Gouda

Fresh Mozzarella ($1.20) Smoked Mozzarella
No Cheese  

If you would like something not listed above please call to place your order. 415-388-3222.

Other Extras:

Carrots ($.25)

Cucumbers ($.25)

Cranberry ($.25)

Pepperoncini ($.50)

JalapeƱo Pepper ($.50)

Artichokes ($1.00)

Bacon ($1.50)

Avocado ($1.00)



Other Sandwich Types:

Veggie Roller ($7.49) (avocado, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, onion sprouts, hummus, tomato, pickles)



Other Options:

Toasted Bread

Hot with Melted Cheese

Half Sandwich

If you would like something not available on this form please call our deli at 415-388-3222 and we will try our best to fulfill your order.


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