To us it's the right mix of grocery staples and gourmet. Years ago, Jim Canepa set us apart by seeking out the most interesting foods he could find while still supplying everyday national brands. Many of our best finds come from customers requests (which we love). Our shelves are stocked with many unique products, but also everyday grocery staples at competitive prices… McEvoy olive oil is next to Wesson oil, Brickmaiden granola is next to Cheerios, Acme bread is next to Rainbow hot dog buns. So whether you're looking for locally grown organic produce, or just a box of Wheaties, you will likely find everything you need.

Clearly, others share our feeling about the uniqueness of Mill Valley Market as quoted from The Diners Club Magazine:

“A common subject at lunch is where to go for dinner, and I was shown the Mill Valley Market with the reverence that a Parisian would display in presenting the Louvre. This is by no means your standard supermarket serving a town of 15,000 people. It would do justice to a city the size of Philadelphia. Glancing casually at the shelf of honey, for example, I saw killer bee honey, prickly pear cactus honey, Kona coffee honey, wild country buckwheat honey, New Zealand honey and 30 or 40 other kinds and flavors I would not have believed if I hadn’t seen them….I admire the MVM enormously and, if I lived in Marin, I would drop in every day.”

The Market bread

Competitive prices on everyday grocery staples and fine foods
since 1929