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Mill Valley Market is currently owned by brothers Doug and David Canepa. Their grandfather Frank Canepa, an Italian immigrant, founded the store on July 4, 1929 as a produce market. The original store was located at 118 Throckmorten, not far from its current location.

Frank's eldest son, Jim, who we credit with making the store what it is today, started working there at the age of nine. Jim became an owner in 1955 when he partnered with family friend Joe Morello and moved the store to its present location. Years later in 1975, Frank's youngest child, Bob, became a partner in the business.

In 1990, Jim and Joe sold their shares of the business to Jim's sons, Doug and David Canepa. They formed a partnership with their Uncle Bob and ran the business together until 2006 when Bob retired. At that point Doug and David assumed sole ownership of the business.

Truth be told, the store always belonged to Jim Canepa. He was the heart and soul of the business until his untimely passing in October 2007. Jim sought out the specialty foods, set the tone of community service and established the wine department. It was his discriminating palate that tasted and evaluated the many mustards, olive oils, chocolates, olives, vinegars, breads and countless other items that make the store unique. Fortunately, he was able to see the 4th generation of Canepa's work in the store. Jim had high hopes that his grandchildren would take over the business one day. If all goes as planned, Mill Valley, the Canepa family, and Mill Valley Market will be remain together well into the future.

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